Congrats are in order for Toni Nichols

Toni Nichols recieved the Southwest Region Volunteers Award from the Associations Committee.

Toni has been a member of USATF Southwestern Association since 1989. She became secretary in 1998,she later became youth chair in 2005 and is still currently in these positions. Toni has become the COO of our association in that she is responsible for most if not all of the administrative duties and oversees all of them in their entirety. She is our historian and will detail it to death and maintains the integrity of all new policy and procedures handily, I might add. I have called on her at the 11th hour and she has stayed up all night if she has to in order to carry out that request. She will then drill me on every detail and nuance to makes sure I or we understand. She is open to looking into every change, and many times offers a rationale as to how or why. Whenever there is a question she is the person who researches to find the answer even if to prove you right. Toni, allows virtually every member of USATF Southwestern Association to visit here home, to either complete entry forms or verification of a teams birth certificates,