Less Than 19 Hours Remain - 2014 USA Championships Application


There is a little less than ONE DAY left to submit your application for the 2014 USA Championships. Please see below for more information and the link to the application. Applications are due Wednesday October 15 at 11:59PM Hawaii Time.

The applications for the 2015 USA Championships are now available (link below). The meets covered by this application are:

  1. 2015 USA Indoor Championships, Feb 27-Mar 1 in Boston (Reggie Lewis Center)

  2. 2015 USA Junior/Senior Outdoor Championships, June 25-28 in Eugene

Please remember the following when applying:

  1. You must be a currently certified (including USATF Membership) NATIONAL or MASTER level official in order to apply. Apprentice and Association level officialsare not allowed to apply for these two meets. If you have requested an upgrade to National level from your certification chair that upgrade must be processed by your certification chair in order for the system to let you apply.
  2. When applying for the meets, we encourage you to apply for ALL the meets that you are available to work. Simply applying for one meet will NOT increase the likelihood that you will get selected for that meet. If this is your first time applying, or if you have never been selected before, please do your best to apply for more than one meet.
  3. The application format and process is the same as last year's. Please see the instructions on the website for more details.
  4. The resume on the application includes spots for 18 meets. PLEASE make use of the resume! It is to your benefit to fill in 18 meets. However, please be sure the meets are accurate and include assignments that you actually worked as a competition official.
  5. If you filled out an application in 2014, then we will copy over any resume entries starting with 2011 meets. Please remember that your resume can include meets from the previous 4 years (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014).

To begin your application please visit: https://my.usatfofficials.com/applications