About Us

As one of the 57 USA Track and Field associations, the Southwestern Association governs the sports of track & field, long distance running, cross country, race walking, and mountain/ultra-distance/trail running within the north and central areas of Texas excluding the panhandle. Our official territory includes the portion of the State of Texas bounded on the south by and including the Counties of Irion, Tom Green, Concho, McCullock, San Saba, Mills, Hamilton, Coryell, Bell, Falls, Limestone, Freestone, Anderson, Cherokee, Rusk, and Panola; on the east by the State of Louisiana and the State of Arkansas; on the north by the State of Oklahoma; and on the west by and including the counties of Hardeman, Foard, Knox, Stonewall, Fisher, Scurry, Borden, Howard, Glasscock, and Reagan. We create, conduct, and oversee programs to provide opportunities for athletes of all ages to participate in the sport.

Our Mission

Developing interest and participation in Athletics in this geographic area at all levels; Promoting Athletics and athletes by conducting competitions and other events, and by cooperating with and encouraging other organizations which may do so;  Generating public awareness, appreciation, and support for Athletics and for USATF, and this association creating opportunities for athletes and Athletics events, and generating sponsorships to aid this corporation in fulfilling its purposes and duties. Promoting diversity of representation at all levels of participation in USATF activities.

The best motivation comes from within
— Micheal Johnson (Gold Medalist Olympian, Graduate of Baylor University, and former Dallas Skyline High School Sprinter)

THOSE who HAVE Achieved Excellence

Walter Thane Baker - 1952 Sprinter

Rafer L. Johnson - 1956, 1960 Decathlon

Tommie Smith - 1968 Sprinter

Michael D.Carter - 1984 Shotput

Micheal Johnson - 1992, 1996, 2000 Track

Alan Culpepper - 2000, 2004 Track

Darvis Patton - 2004 Track

Jeremy Wariner - 2004, 2008 Track

Jason Richardson - 2012 Hurdler

Louise Ritter - 1988 High Jump

Michelle Carter - 2016 Shotput

Courtney Oklo - 2016 Track